Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading – Maureen Corrigan

Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading: Finding and Losing Myself in Books

From the Publisher:

“It’s not that I don’t like people,” writes Maureen Corrigan in her introduction to Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading. “It’s just that there always comes a moment when I’m in the company of others, even my nearest and dearest, when I’d rather be reading a book.” In this delightful memoir, Corrigan reveals which books and authors have shaped her own life, from classic works of English literature to hard-boiled detective novels, and everything in between. And in her explorations of the heroes and heroines throughout literary history, Corrigan’s love for a good story shines.

My thoughts:

I absolutely love Fresh Air and Maureen Corrigan’s book reviews.  That’s one of the reasons I picked up this book.  Well, that and its title.  I’m not usually a sucker for titles and covers but this title made me burst out laughing, and I have to say that I totally identify with that statement.  I also love books about books.  I found this book a little disjointed though.  Something about it just didn’t flow right for me.  Other than that, I liked it.  I love the fact that she loves hard boiled mysteries.  I liked how she makes the reader feel like they received an invitation to meet her family.  If this books was more about the love of books and reading, and less about analyzing books I would have given it more points.  Since she is a book reviewer though, I understand her predisposition to take books apart.  There were also too many spoilers in this book.  Now I’m not sure if I want to read some of the books mentioned, even though I’m not usually bothered by spoilers. Overall, I wish this was a little more memoir and less lit. crit., but an enjoyable read nonetheless.


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