Booking Through Thursday – Crappy Books

Do you ever crave reading crappy books?

A little late, but better late then never.  What makes a crappy book is very subjective.  I do read what I consider twinkie books, all fluff and no substance, whether they are cozy mysteries, badly written young adult, or paranormal/romance.  I don’t read those very often, but sometimes after I read a dense book, especially a dense non-fiction, I crave books with very little substance.  Sometimes I’m forced to read crappy books, i.e. when I’m traveling and I’m stuck with the selection at the airport bookstore (if they even have one).  And sometimes I read them when I’m taking public transit, because I don’t mind stopping in the middle of the book when I have to get off.  Therefore yes, I do read crappy books.  I think it makes me appreciate the good ones I find even more.


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