Final Curtain – Ngaio Marsh

Finally have some time to catch up with the reviews. I read this book whilst on vacation in September, so the review was really overdue. I will catch up with the rest really soon.

Final Curtain

From the Publisher:

After a lethal birthday dinner of champagne and crayfish, famed Shakespearian actor Sir Henry is dead, and the cast of suspects is a mile long.

My thoughts:

Before I picked up the book, I saw the Patrick Malahide made for TV version of this story, and I absolutely loved it.  I’m really sad that they didn’t do more of the made for TV installments.  Coming back to the book, I have to say I loved it.  Ngaio Marsh does the British cozy very well.  Lots of quirky characters, endless descriptions, not really rooted in reality.  If you don’t enjoy this king of genre, I would stay away from this book.  Since I saw the movie adaptation for this, the story came even more alive for me, as I could actually see the characters (and I must say, they did a pretty good job in keeping the movie true to the book).  Inspector Allen plays a stronger role in this installment, as both he and Troy are present almost from the very beginning, with Troy actually playing a crucial part in this story.  I’m not one to over analyze the plot and characters, I tend to judge a book over the enjoyment factor, and this one was enjoyable to me.  I don’t care that the plot was unbelievable, and I don’t care that the cast of characters were overly eccentric.  If I wanted a true to life story I would have read a true crime book (although, considering how overly dramatic those are, I’m not sure they are exactly true to life either.)  Final verdict, I liked it.


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