Overture to Death – Ngaio Marsh

Overture to Death

From the Publisher:

It was planned as an act of charity: a new piano for the parish hall, an amusing play to finance the gift. But its execution was doomed when Miss Campanula sat down to play. A chord was struck, a shot rang out and Miss Campanula was dead. A case of sinister infatuation for the brilliant Chief Detective-Inspector Alleyn.

My thoughts:

One of my favourite things about Marsh’s book is that she spends quite a bit of time on the set up for the mystery-if you like action from the very beginning this book is not for you.  I love the fact that we see so much scene development and character development in a mystery.  For me, the scene and the atmosphere are as important as the mystery itself.  DO NOT read the chapter titles, unless you like spoilers.  If I had to pick my two favourite detectives ever, I would pick Poirot and Alleyn.  Alleyn is as enjoyable for me to read as Poirot.  Another classic 1930’s mystery, and really, what’s not to love about a booby-trapped piano as the murder weapon?


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