Look to the Lady and Police at the Funeral – Margery Allingham

Look to the Lady (An Albert Campion Mystery)

From the publisher:

Some objects just cry out to be stolen, and an obliging ring of international thieves stands ready to heed the cry. Their current target is the Gyrth Chalice, a priceless goblet that the Gyrth family has for centuries held in trust for the British Crown.

My thoughts:

Ancient treasures, ghosts, and mystery.  I’m starting to enjoy this series.  The first book I plodded through.  Barely.  The second one was a little better.  This one-a bit more.  I’m glad I decided to stuck it out with the series.  In this one the plot was interesting (a little on the crazy side again, but interesting), Campion and his sidekick are better developed, and the story was just fun to read.  It gave me hope for the next books in the series.  I cannot wait to see who Campion really is, that is if the author decides to share that with the readers at some point.

Police at the Funeral (Albert Campion Mysteries)

From the publisher:

When Albert Campion is called in by the fiancée of an old college friend to investigate the disappearance of her uncle, he little expects the mysterious spate of death and danger that follows among the bizarre inhabitants of Socrates Close, Cambridge.  He and Stanislaus Oates must tread carefully, and battle some complex family dynamics to solve the case.

My thoughts:

My favourite out of all the Campion mysteries (so far anyway).  I think this one reminded me the most of the typical murder mystery plot, a la Christie and Sayers.  Very enjoyable read.  All characters were well developed in this one, unlike the 3 previous ones where the main characters was getting most of the development and the others were falling flat.  Interesting plot twist too.  Really enjoyed this one.  Made me want to pick up the next one in the series, which unfortunately I do not own yet.


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