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This week’s musing asks…
If your house was burning down –and you could SAFELY grab a book on your way outside to safety– what book would you make sure you ‘rescued’? Why?

The number one book I would grab would be a book of fairy tales I used to read with my great-grandmother.  I think it might be Grimm’s fairy tales, but I’m not sure.  It’s my most treasured possession, purely for its sentimental value.  That’s pretty much the only thing I have left from her, and every time I look at it it reminds me of all the afternoons we would spend together reading that book.  My grandfather had it rebound over a decade ago, and it’s missing both the beginning and the ending pages, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s great-granmama’s fairy tale book.  I would also grab a second book that I keep next to the fairy tale book, and that is an old edition of my favourite poetry book.  It belonged to my mom, and I really need to re-bind it.  I think the last time my mom saw it, she laughed at its condition.  I definitely have to rebind this one, as scotch tape is all that’s holing it together.  But it’s the contents that matter, as well as the fact that it used to be my mama’s book.  Even if she wants it back, she’s not getting it.  =)


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