Galapagos – Kurt Vonnegut


From The New York Times Book Review:

A small group of apocalypse survivors stranded on the Galapagos Islands are about to become the progenitors of a brave new human race. “Vonnegut is a post-modern Mark Train. . . . Galapagos is a madcap genealogical adventure”

My thoughts:

This is my first foray into Vonnegut.  And it wasn’t very pleasant.  I loved his voice, hated everything else about this book.  The story wasn’t as interesting as it sounded, the plot made no sense, not even one lovable character, and way too bizarre to be enjoyable.  I picked this up at the same time I bought Slaughterhouse Five, mainly because when I saw it I thought it would be the perfect book for a challenge I am currently doing.  I really wish I never would have seen this book.  Complete waste of time in my opinion.  I love fantasy, and post apocalyptic fiction, but this story was painful to go through.  Painful.  Way to disjointed for my taste.  And I really, really hated all the foreshadowing.  The ghost/narrator points out that all the characters fated to die will have an * by their name.  WTH?  And we know that they’ll die from the moment they are introduced.  But wait, we not only know that they are going to die, we also get bludgeoned by hints about what will happen.  This book consists of: this is going to happen, but not yet!  This person is going to die, but not yet!  This person will go through this, but not yet!  That really bugged me.  I’ve been putting this book off for 5 days, just dreading having to pick it up again.  The only good thing about reading this book is that by avoiding it I’ve managed to catch up with most of the stuff that’s been accumulating on my hulu account, as well as netflix.  The only reason I finished this book was because I hate not finishing a book once I start it.  I really hope that Slaughterhouse Five will be better.


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